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At Home - Providing care for your loved ones and helping make each day the best it can possibly be.

About At Home AFH, Inc.


At At Home, you will never have to worry about your loved ones being treated poorly.  All of our residents are given the respect and care that they need.  Throughout their lives, Bob and Lynette, Owners of At Home AFH's, Inc., have always had a love for elderly people.  Lynette has had a compassionate heart ever since she was a girl, and because of that, providing the best quality of life for our residents is important to her and to all of our staff.  We genuinely care about our residents and want them to feel safe, secure, and loved for what time they have left in their life.



We pride ourselves in having loving caregivers.  Our residents needs are our top priority, and having a 24-hour awake staff helps to provide the best care.  Having a 24-hour awake staff lessens the risks of falls and other accidents.  This, and requiring all of our staff to complete a background check, fingerprinting, and performing random drug tests, ensures our residents safety.  



We provide long term care which continues through end of life.  Working closely with hospice makes certain that the resident is comfortable and pain free.  Having experienced several end of life situations, we know how to aid in the grieving process and offer support and care to your loved ones.

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